Does Childline Western Cape investigate matters of child abuse and remove children?

Childline WC is not a statutory organization and we therefore do not investigate child abuse matters or remove children. We do however assist in the statutory process by reporting cases of alleged abuse to the relevant statutory authority for investigation.

Does Childline WC assist and conduct investigations if a learner is abused at school?

Childline WC will refer the case to the relevant professional organization e.g. statutory organizations or the Western Cape Education Department, depending on the nature of the abuse.

Is there a charge for any of the Childline WC services?

We generally do not charge for our prevention and early intervention services. However, as an NPO we are reliant on funding and therefore welcome donations to assist in supporting the continued implementation of our services and activities.

How do we access Childline WC’s services?

Please contact the nearest Childline WC office in order to make the necessary enquiries and arrangements.

Mitchell’s Plain/Khayelitsha: 021 3760000
Tygerberg Office: 021 9300859
Wynberg Office: 021 7628198

What is the process when Childline WC receives a request for therapeutic counselling?

We are one of a few NGOs in the Western Cape that provide a process of therapeutic counselling to children. Each case is recorded onto an intake register and is allocated to a Social Worker or Counsellor as soon as an opening becomes available. The demand for these services is currently greater than our capacity to deliver as rapidly as we would like and the cases may therefore go onto a waiting list.

What is the process when a report of alleged abuse is made to Childline WC?

When a case of alleged abuse has been reported to us and all the necessary information has been given by the person making the report, we send a referral to the relevant statutory organization for investigation and intervention. Once the referral has been sent, we request feedback with regard to the outcome of the investigation for our records.

Is there a volunteer programme?

Please watch this space for details.

When contact is made to the toll-free Helpline number, why do callers sometimes reach Childline in other provinces?

Childline WC is part of a national collective of Childline centres and the Helpline is operated in multiple provinces in South Africa. Should you ever call Childline WC and reach another province, your call will be taken care of by a trained Helpline counsellor who can assist.